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The Coalition for Equal Marriage never started out as a real coalition. It was set up by two guys, Conor and James, in response to a much-publicised campaign attempting to derail the government’s plans to move toward greater equality for LGBT couples.

We all recall the comments, that same-sex marriage would be a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right”, that somehow equality would “Shame the UK in the eyes of the world”, and so on and so venomous. It was faced with such shocking condemnation that we decided they had to do something.

We set up the Coalition for Equal Marriage site hastily in a couple of days, and launched it quietly on social media. We have no funding or staff and we are not part of some mysterious, all-powerful “gay lobby”. We’re just a couple of guys in love who might want to get married one day, and we can no longer sit by quietly whilst those who would have us wiped off the planet are given ever more public pulpits.

So we launched the campaign and asked all our friends and family to sign and share, and we caught the eyes and ears of some fantastic supporters who volunteered their time and experience to help us out. With James and I juggling day jobs, our rugby commitments and the campaign, it has been a ridiculously busy few months so far. However, thanks to our supporters and volunteers we have managed to keep things going. The campaign wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

Before long we had organisations of all kinds getting in touch and asking to be supporters, and our petition signatures kept on growing. It was then that we started to consider ourselves a true coalition. Given the support we have received we decided to break free of the original campaign design, parodying that of the C4M campaign, and gave the campaign a look and identity of its own. We hope you like it!

Feel free to get in touch with us via @C4EqualMarriage or on Facebook, and make sure you take a look at other campaign videos on YouTube.


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